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A time to celebrate

by Linda Wegner on 07/27/20

I’m not alone in saying that we’re tired of hearing nothing on the news but COVID-19, riots and protests and scorching heat or pelting rain. In light of all that, I’ve decided we need to celebrate! Read more...

How to spell unity

by Linda Wegner on 07/22/20

A definite advantage of this pandemic situation is the number of ways in which we are learning more and more about unity; I know there are riots and protests, but I’m talking about our town and, in particular, our local neighbourhood. We’re always checking on and sharing with one another. Read more...

Kind, calm and safe

by Linda Wegner on 07/13/20

As the Provincial Health Officer for British Columbia, Dr. Bonnie Henry is highly respected and appreciated for the way she has handled information about the spread of corona virus and for how she has provided information for us residents. Now she is rightfully being recognized internationally. Read more...

From fear to faith

by Linda Wegner on 07/06/20

For those of you, my readers, who are not acquainted with the Upper Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, we live in a relatively small but isolated community. It’s beautiful almost beyond description with ocean views out front of our home and lush forests behind us. As an added bonus, we’re technically accessible only by plane or by boat. Read more...

Uplifting zucchini

by Linda Wegner on 07/01/20

Yesterday morning a neighbour brought me a freshly picked zucchini, the first one we’ve had this season. That act of kindness got me thinking about the power of this oft-maligned vegetable. First, if ever there was a prolific garden vegetable, it’s got to be zucchini. Even one or two plants can become nearly overwhelming, so much so that I stopped growing them a few years back. Boasting their beautiful yellow blossoms, they seem to pop out of the green growth, ten at a time. Read more...

The Powell River Blog
Over the past number of months I made the decision to formally retire from my business activities; having said that, I will retain my company name Words of Worth and will continue writing for a select number of rural weeklies and a monthly agricultural magazine. A weekly inspirational article appearing on this page is also emailed to a number of readers. To be added to this email list, contact me at

As so many others know by experience, retiring doesn’t mean quitting and I’ve decided to put my expendable energies into volunteer work as well as promoting the city and area where I live. I’ll begin with what was recently seen in front of my office window.
A Message from Linda Wegner
Situated on the west coast of British Columbia, Powell River is a geographically isolated community with access to Vancouver Island or the Lower Mainland, including Vancouver, only by plane or boat. Yes, our travel options are expensive and somewhat restrictive, but it’s because of that isolation that we have avoided the hectic pace of city life.
Photo courtesy of John Wegner
Our scenery is spectacular and the opportunities for outdoors activities, abundant. Take a look and avoid being jealous, if you can. These views are from my office and kitchen windows.

Thank you to you all for your love and support.

Linda Wegner
Photo courtesy of Darlene Williams