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Why sing?
Linda Wegner

Though not unexpected nor surprising, our air is smoke-filled today. Thankfully, so far, any fires we’ve had in our neck of the woods have been small and quickly extinguished. It’s that blanket of smoke that settled down on us this morning that’s sapping my strength. On a positive note, it’s giving me a reason to rest and do nothing but essential chores. (Medical officer’s advice).

Smoke has its positive effects: near our home, for example, the glimpse of smoky wisps alerted residences to immediately locate the source, yank out their water hoses and other fire-fighting equipment, and extinguish it before the professionals even arrived.

On the other hand, fire and smoke now blanket a number of our provinces, causing thousands of folks to have to flee their homes, possessions and animals. For too many, there’s not much to sing about!

Above my desk is pinned the picture of a singing bird with this quotation beside it: “A bird does not sing because it has an answer but because it has a song.” If you’ve been reading my articles for a few years, I’m sure you’ve already read that quote but this week its meaning became significant once again.

I’ve packed our emergency bag but still wonder how and where we would go. The ocean is minutes away but we’ve got no boat; I’ve packed essentials, including basic food and water and first-aid supplies but how would I carry it? Husband is partially paralyzed and I’m not that strong.

There’s lots been written over the years, and indeed centuries, regarding the often-obscure reasons to be thankful. In dire circumstances, Isaiah writes of how God’s people sang. In response He displayed His presence.

“Such singing it was! It shook the Temple to its foundations, and suddenly the entire sanctuary was filled with smoke.” (Isaiah 6:4, Living Bible)
Aug. 16, 2021