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When good comes out of bad
©Linda Wegner

Over the past several weeks my articles have been influenced by the current forest fire situation in our province and on the impact it’s had on families. At the risk of over-kill of the subject, I want to share a personal and family-related celebration linked directly to the current conflagration.

The beginning of this saga took place at an evacuation centre in central British Columbia where evacuees, upon the arrival from their various towns and regions, registered with the Red Cross. It was at this centre that my brother and his wife had arranged to meet their son and his family. In a wonderful act of kindness, a nearby church also offered them and the staff of a Bible camp our nephew manages, the use of their facilities. As they unloaded their vehicles and their dogs, a neighbour came over to explain that he was a volunteer with the SPCA and to offer to help with the care of their animals. With that so-called chance meeting and the execution of yet another act of kindness, our family circle widened.

As my brother, my nephew and the neighbour continued their conversation they noted that that he and our family shared a common surname. To make a long story short, each one quickly discovered that they were now speaking with previously unrealized branches of the clan. I can hardly describe the excitement we’ve all experienced as a result. Since that discovery the men have met, shared stories and histories and made plans for mutual visits in the future.

Again, at the risk of becoming repetitious, if realizing that folks sharing our names and heritage live within driving distance can bring such overwhelming joy and excitement, I can’t even imagine what heaven will be like.

“Some from every tribe and nation will be there!” (Revelation 5:9)

Can’t wait!
July 29, 2017