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What's Inside?
©Linda Wegner

A story, directed to the children present in our church service this morning, was simple but it spoke an important message to my heart.

“Do you see someone wearing a purple scarf?” our pastor asked and several little ones pointed to the appropriate person. Similar questions were presented and the children identified them without a problem. Lastly he asked, “What else do you notice about them?”

Unlike the first responses that came fairly quickly, there were a few seconds of quiet until someone noted that a person earlier identified was wearing glasses. Pastor then continued that exercise and concluded the lesson with the observation that we so easily overlook: “What we can’t see is what is inside the person; we can’t see what they are thinking or feeling.”

So simple but oh, so true. I would agree that most of the time it’s not possible or probable that we could identity someone else’s burden but on the other hand, there are too many times when we fail to display a caring heart. Even more difficult, there are times when we just don’t want to make the time or effort to find out.

Following the children’s dismissal to their classes, Pastor continued on with the story of Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well. Viewed as an outcast and definitely an undesirable by her neighbours, Jesus broke all the local conventions, first by speaking to a stranger-woman and then, by speaking to a member of this despised group.

After speeding from the well, even leaving her water pot in her rush, she spread the word that not only did Jesus know the intimate details of her life; he cared enough to offer his grace and healing to her. “Could this be the Christ?” she questioned.

Lord Jesus, may you love be clearly seen in us!
Oct. 16, 2017