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The power of encouragement
By Linda Wegner

These past several weeks I've been cleaning out filing cabinet drawers; with few exceptions, they contain material about activities I've been involved in, stories I've written for various publications and, of course, twenty years worth of weekly articles that have appeared in many of these newspapers. This afternoon I picked up two tiny pieces written to two people who stood with me during one of the more difficult times of my life.

The first, consisting of just 50 words, was written to Coleen, a member of the team at the Alan Blair Cancer Clinic in Regina. I don't recall if she was a nurse but I recall how she lifted the darkness on a lot of days. Here's part of what I wrote: "it's amazing how a single ray of light can enter a room and dispel the darkness...How often you have been that ray of light."

The next, a bit longer, consisted of sixty-two words and was addressed to Joan: "I remember the first time I met you. You were Joan, the Social Worker. I knew it was your job to listen to hurting people, to assist where possible and to offer professional advice. But, over the months, I've come to know another Joan.... Thank you for going so far beyond your professional duty."

Pain and woe are nothing new and all of us have or will have experienced the reality that life comes but also that life ends. What never ceases, though, is the need to encourage one another. A friend passed away today. I'll never have another chance to tell her how much I have appreciated her but I can encourage someone else. So can you.

"...that their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love...." Colossians 2:2

​Coleen and Joan, if either of you read this, I've not forgotten you!
Sept. 5, 2018