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The blessings of a neighbour
©Linda Wegner

We are blessed to live in an area of our town that is rich in neighbourly friendliness. Over the years we've watched children grow into adults; seen mundane, even derelict, yards transformed into award-winning gardens; and, we've developed friendships that have grown richer over the years. As the wife of a former pastor, we've moved too often for my liking so the privilege of being part of an established neighbourhood for the past 15 years is a privilege I relish.

The term "neighbour" has several definitions as well as spellings (an explanation to my much-appreciated USA friends). In this article I'm calling about a dozen homes situated on our city block my neighbourhood; in other instances, a neighbourhood can be made up of miles of farmlands, or for some, densely populated city sectors. What I really want to convey, however, is the relationship between those people living within my or your definition of the term.

The writers of the Proverbs had some important things to say about neighbours and how they are to be treated. First, he speaks of the need to be honest: "Do not say to your neighbour, 'go and come back and tomorrow I will give it' when you have it with you." Furthermore, he commands that we are to treat our neighbours fairly, knowing that their immediate presence can be a source of safety for us (3:28, 29).

We are to speak honestly, kindly, without malice or false accusations (24:28, 25:18, 26:19,29:15). Solomon warns David, and us, not to make a nuisance of ourselves by too frequent visits "...lest he become weary of you and hate you." The Amplified Version puts it this way: "or he will become tired of you...."

There is so much more written about this subject but suffice it to say, thank God for my wonderful neighbours!
June 4, 2018