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Sunshine or rain?
©Linda Wegner

“Please God, send us rain!”

If you live in B.C. you could well have prayed this prayer over the past several months. In my case, it’s more like a few dozen times a day or, on days like today, a few dozen times an hour. Temperatures far above what are normal for us ocean-side dwellers soar on a daily basis and fires rage across our province and in states south of the international border.

But even as I moan about our weather, I listen to reports of torrential rains in the southern USA and Asia and waver between my own prayers and my sense of sadness for others who have lost so much to flooding. Even in parts of Canada, my home country, some sunshine and warm weather would be most welcome.

In all of this I admit that I find myself confused at times: if my prayers are answered, who else will be adversely affected? Whose prayers does God listen to, mine or theirs? Even as a long-time and committed Christian, I admit that there are situations when I simply don’t know how to pray; I would suggest I’m not alone in facing that dilemma.

How then do we handle these kinds of circumstances, scenarios where articulating a clear cut request is far from easy?

While I’m the first to admit I am no “prayer expert”, I’ve walked with the Lord for more than six decades and I’ve learned to trust Him through more challenges than I care to remember. Having said that, there will always be problems arise in our lives that surpass our ability to understand. That’s when dumping all our needs on Him is the only recourse – and the best one.

“Casting all your care upon Him for He careth for you.”

PS: What about rain here and sunshine down there?
Sept. 4, 2017