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Stay well rooted
By Linda Wegner

For the first time in a number of years, I'm truly excited about my vegetable garden. For one thing, I'm finally retired from my work as a business writer and now have time to spend weeding and nurturing both the flowers and edibles. Digging in the dirt never felt so good.

Because my situation has changed I've been able to spend hours planting and pulling and while I admit it's a job that's never finished, it sure feels good to stand back and survey the results of my hard work.

Next and as vital as time, is the fact that this year we applied new and rich loam to the garden beds. Frankly, I can hardly believe how things have popped up. The cucumbers and squash are loaded with blossoms; the peas and bean vines are drooping with their respective crops. This afternoon I harvested our first cabbage. Yum, freshly made coleslaw with home-grown produce. Although loaded with flowers, the tomato plants are behind those of the neighbours but I'll just have to trust that they, too, will reward us.

I've learned that there are at least two essential elements to a successful garden: sufficient water and well-rooted plants. Hubby has been assigned the watering chores and his diligence, combined with the occasional West Coast downpour, have so far taken care of the moisture demands; the soil and the water make for roots that go down deep. Vegetables flourish and flowers grow tall.

I was reminded of these simply profound truths while reading Proverbs 12:3. "The root of the righteous cannot be moved".

Later in the chapter he mentions the second result: "...the root of the righteous yields fruit." (12:12). Deep roots produce stability and healthy crops.

Different results but the same principle, making me want to tend carefully to what grows in my heart.
July 9, 2018