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Some from every tribe
@Linda Wegner

There’s little to compare with the pleasure of spending time with family and friends you love and these past few days have provided perfect examples of that. Last week we heralded the arrival of our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter from Saskatchewan; it’s been pure joy to be with them. In between chatting, picking berries and re-connecting with their many friends here, they’ve taken time just to be with us. 

Then this week I had the privilege of meeting a special lady I’d only been acquainted with by means of these weekly articles. From Michigan, she’s here visiting her son and some of his family. She graciously took time out to enjoy an afternoon of High Tea (beautiful English tradition) and a get-acquainted visit with me. Another true delight. I’ve now added her to my list of special friends and, by association, a greater sense of community with those ladies who also receive my articles from her. I guess I’d call those “long-distance but highly valued friendships”.

Love and unity between family members and friends have more than adult benefits, though. From those first moments following birth, children depend on adult care, whether from family or otherwise, to provide their basic needs for survival. If protection, training and self-esteem are not provided, that child or those children feel the lack for their entire lives. As children head into the big world of school, the need for friendship is just as crucial. Just ask those of us who were bullied or ignored!

Throughout the decades of my life I have depended on and thanked God for family and friends who helped me through the rough times. How I look forward to an eternal reunion enveloped in the love of our Heavenly Father.

“When we all get to heaven…some from every tribe and nation will be there”. Whoopee!
Aug. 22, 2017