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So worth remembering
Linda Wegner

Now close to the middle of a new month and into a new decade, I’ve begun seeking out, duplicating and sorting out pictures I have collected over the years. Of particular interest was an aged (almost as aged as I am) picture of me and my oldest brother. If I’m correct that picture was snapped in about 1947. It’s brown and white and faded now but it’s still very legible. Sounds a bit like me except that I’m grey now.

Another fairly “golden oldie” is one of our two sons riding on a neighbour’s horse; that, too, was taken approximately 40 years ago. There are baby pictures of all three of our granddaughters; and not just baby pics, but photos of the many years that have transpired since they first brightened our world.

Pictures of school years, and for two of them, of graduations from high school and university and other academic institutions. Two weddings followed. Adding the names and photos of two wonderful young men to the family provide even more delight. The third wedding is probably a decade or so away and I cringe to think of how old I’ll be on that occasion.

Yes, there is so much to remember and so much worth remembering. Sorting through boxes and picture frames is a slow but soul-soothing exercise. While sad memories do arise, the blessing of God overrides it all.

Remembering always has its joys but also its sorrows. Three in-laws, the son of a niece and nephew, and dear friends have passed on but I have been determined to remember the joy of knowing and enjoying them while they were here. Their photos and mental pictures help me accomplish that.

“Don’t be weary in prayer; keep at it; watch for God’s answers, and remember to be thankful when they come”. Colossians 4:2
Jan. 11, 2021