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Sing a song
By Linda Wegner

For a town our size, we are extraordinarily blessed with music. With a population of under 20,000 and with access only by boat or plane, we regularly host two international events. Since its founding six years ago, June is enriched annually by the music of the Pacific Region International Music Academy (PRISMA); then, every two years, the month of July erupts with the glorious harmonies of Kathaumiwx, a choral event founded in 1984. Symphonic instrumentalists come together in June while singers from around the world gather every other July; both events boast attendance in the thousands, including musicians and attendees.

After attending a PRISMA concert this week I was reminded of the power of music. Whether or not we have the vocal ability to audition for a choir or the skill to play an instrument, each of us conveys some kind of music to those around us. I was only able to find two verses in Proverbs that spoke directly to "a song" but their influences are dramatically different. Proverbs 25:20 warns "Like one who takes away a garment in cold weather and like vinegar on soda is one who sings songs to a heavy heart."

I don't imagine that any of us deliberately chooses to sing slap-happy melodies to someone in mourning but I do know that each of us needs to use our words to bring blessing, especially when someone is struggling.

On the other hand, by accessing the strength of God in facing trials and temptations, we find cause to sing: "By transgression an evil man is snared but the righteous sings and rejoices." (29:6)

By the way, Kathaumixw is a First Nations Coastal Salish name meaning "a gathering together of different peoples". Such a perfect description of our earthly music festivals and reason to look forward to our eternal, heavenly celebration.
June 18, 2018