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Over a cup of tea
By Linda Wegner

As sometimes happens, I was struggling to find a topic for this week's article and partly out of desperation, I decided to get out of the house in order to have some "idle" time to meditate. I headed for the bus stop, prayed for help, then after arrival in town, marched over to my favourite coffee shop. Since nothing came to me during the twenty-minute bus ride, I told myself: "May as well have more than your usual 'medium steeped tea with three milk'". It was there, while enjoying my food, that the answer came. Here's how it happened: the place was crowded and I found myself sitting at a table in close proximity to two fine looking fellows, obviously engrossed in reading and critiquing something. It soon became apparent that one was reading to the other from some sort of a prepared script. Turned out that the script was actually the text of a speech to be given during a community Mission Fest that evening.

My ears popped open and in spite of being such a shy person (joke intended!), I gently interrupted, told them I couldn't help but overhear and was blessed to learn of the ministry they were involved in. They graciously welcomed me into the conversation and I discovered they were both products of a drug and alcohol recovery program. Filled with gratitude for their blessings, they are involved in offering help to others who also struggle with addictions.

Their testimonies and their obvious thanks for the changes they've experienced provided these thoughts for the week: don't take God's gifts for granted; be ready to accept help where it's needed; and equally if not more important, don't hesitate to give back.

"Much is required from those to whom much is given, for their responsibility is greater." Luke 12:48 (The Living Bible)
Feb. 25, 2019