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Not just a number
Linda Wegner

Luis Benuel wrote: “Age is something that doesn't matter, unless you are a cheese”.

Now that’s encouraging! If you’re neither Brie or an Edam, age doesn’t matter that much. Having said that, numbers do. Consider the following: What’s the difference between 8 and 18? Ten, right? For me and my household, it’s not that easy. Although it’s still ten, when it comes to blood sugars, the difference is between good and definitely not good.

On the street where we live, the speed limit is 50km (30 miles) per hour. Obviously too many drivers haven’t figured out that 50 is supposed to be the maximum speed, not the starting point.

Let me say right off that I’m not at all implying that I am in to making life decisions based solely on numbers nor do I base my spiritual beliefs on combinations of numbers, but our household emphasis on blood sugar numbers these past weeks along with my daily reading through the Old Testament has made the matter of numbers of great significance to me.

Regarding records of centuries of Judaic history, I confess that I’ve found it difficult to plod through the accounts of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people killed out of revenge driven military forays or struggles to gain or maintain power. Kill the competitors, be they human or divine, many or few! In between all that, worship whomever strikes your fancy.

Someone recently related an illustration they’d heard about the type of relationship we can have with God: “Is it Jesus and me or is it Jesus in me?” I know I’ve experienced both, depending on circumstances, but making Him Lord in every phase of my life makes Him number One.

His love and sacrificial gift of forgiveness can’t be surpassed. Let’s make Him the first and last in our lives!
May 17, 2021