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My best Christmas gift
Linda Wegner

I’m sitting at my computer, searching my mind and heart for a topic for this pre-Christmas article. The usual things that I’ve written about are in my files since my first article was published in Saskatchewan newspapers nearing 28 years ago; but as always, I long to write something fresh and meaningful each week.

Ah, here it is: Lately ladies from our church meet on Wednesday evenings via Zoom and this week our topic of discussion centered on the best Christmas you can ever remember. For me the answer came quickly, it was December 1992. We lived in Stoughton, Saskatchewan and just a couple of weeks earlier I’d had major cancer surgery. Prior to that invasion into my body, I’d been warned that the results may or may not be positive. Thank God, they were positive and I’m still here to prove it. But even that was overshadowed by an event that took place on December 5. I was sitting in our son and his wife’s living room and she gently laid their firstborn child/my firstborn grandchild, in my arms. I still haven’t forgotten the joy of that moment. It still moves me to tears. Another good news thing I recall about that event was that I wasn’t allowed to change diapers, in case I got infection. Nothing bad about that.

There’ve been few things as wonderful to me than the birth and growth of our sons and their children. Thinking on that brings me full circle to Christmas because that’s what the season is really about – God sending His son in order to facilitate the reunion between us, the embattled children of earth, and the heavenly Father who loves us supremely. No wonder it’s called a season of joy.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…”

Merry Christmas!
Dec. 21, 2020