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Let's sing
Linda Wegner

A precious sister-in-law struggles with near blindness, overwhelming tiredness but most of all, with loneliness. Her husband passed away three years ago. Now alone after 63 years of marriage, she has lots of reasons to be glum but in regular telephone conversations with her, I am always so blessed and encouraged regarding her attitudes. In today’s call she told me how another one of our sisters-in-law comes to visit and read to her each evening. Later, another friend and Erna speak on the phone; actually, they sing.

In the darkness of COVID-induced lockdowns, we still have reason to sing. I referred to this Chinese proverb in an earlier article but it still hangs above my desk and still speaks to me daily: “A bird does not sing because it has an answer but because it has a song.” In a seemingly unrelated example, here’s another exhortation to realize the source of our strength.

I am not a TV person but six evenings a week I join my husband in watching Wheel of Fortune. Recently, a contestant excitedly called out, “I’m declaring victory!”. Pat responded, “That is not correct.” The contestant looked stunned and thoroughly mystified.

The next contestant then answered: “Declaring victory” to which Pat responded, “That’s correct”. Even more mystified, the first contestant said, “That was my answer.” Pat then explained that he had added the word,” I’m” thus invalidating his response. Sadly, he hadn’t even realized that he’d done that.

How many times we unconsciously do the same thing: “I’m in charge”, “I can handle this”. Let’s remember that we are not able to declare victory on our own. HE is the One who gives us that song!

“When my soul is in the dumps, I rehearse everything I know of you…God promises… songs all through the night! Psalm 43:6-8 (MSG)

Let’s sing!
Nov. 30, 2020