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Learning to learn
​​©Linda Wegner

There probably are few things more challenging than learning how to give and understanding how to receive instructions. If you question that statement, think back on the last time someone attempted to correct an action (whether yours or someone else's) or on the last time you attempted to pass on well-meaning advice to someone not ready to receive it.

Solomon has much to say about this important topic and, in fact, defines the specific purposes of his words: to know wisdom and instruction; to recognize the words of understanding; to receive the instruction of wisdom; and, to give prudence. (Proverbs 1:1-4)

As I pored over the multiple references to instruction in this book, I realized that in almost every case, Solomon was exhorting his son to specifically honour the instructions he'd given him and the wisdom given him (David) by his mother. My initial reaction? Oh, how I wish every person on earth had the kind of parental care and guidance referred to in this book! Regardless of the source, however, we cannot go wrong by learning what God has to say to us through the Scriptures and from the lips of those who live out His truths in their everyday lives.

If you wonder why it's important to follow counsel presented in the Bible, here's one answer "Keep your heart with all diligence for out it spring the issues of life" A foundation of Scriptural integrity doesn't promise freedom from problems, persecution or pain but building our daily lives on God's instructions, we are provided wisdom, strength in facing temptations of all kinds and sweet fellowship with God.

"Every day and all night long their counsel will lead you and save you from harm; when you wake up in the morning, let their instructions guide you into the new day." (Proverbs 6:22)

Lead on!
Feb. 12, 2018