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Good neighbours
​​©Linda Wegner

Looking back over the years I can think of only one neighbour we found impossible to get along with; any recollections of that person are greatly outnumbered by the wonderful neighbourhood friendships we've enjoyed over the years, however. Here are a couple of recent examples.

This week, what started out as our customary Monday evening family supper ended up including a frantic search for our granddaughter's puppy who'd managed to get out of the gated back porch. Between searches on foot, by car and by a Facebook posting or two, said doggie was located just a couple of houses down the street and was returned by a neighbour. Many thanks to all who helped us bring a happy ending to an otherwise tension-filled situation. A couple of days later another neighbour and a friend took me out for a belated birthday lunch.

In fact, few days pass without demonstrations of kindnesses, helpfulness and the joys of watching children playing across a number of "neighbourly" lawns. Thanks to these special friends our days have been seasoned with pleasure.

The matter of having and, more importantly of being, a good neighbour is specifically addressed eight times by the writer of Proverbs. Here's a quick summary of those exhortations: don't break trust that's been created between you and a neighbour (3:29); bite your tongue instead of starting a quarrel (11:12); don't dare to look down on a neighbour who is not as financially well off as you are but rather help them (14:20-21); don't lie to or about a neighbour and don't be guilty of slandering them (24:28, 29 and 25:8-10); and, don't be stupid enough to lie to and then attempt to joke your way out of the situation (26:18,19).

Is friendship with every neighbour easily achieved? No, but with God's help we can demonstrate His love.
March 26, 2018