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Fear, power and love
By Linda Wegner

I don’t know about you, but my decades-old habit of following local, national and international news is quickly vanishing. Frankly, I’m just sick of hearing about fighting, wars, and now, at least here in Canada, sniping by politicians as our federal election comes up in October. Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was a regular broadcast of all things positive, uplifting and encouraging?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I or we can do to contribute to peace in our world, especially considering there’s contention everywhere. No matter how lovely and peaceful a community seems to be (and ours is a great example of that!), there are still disagreements and undercurrents. Although it’s a given that no one person on earth is able to resolve earth’s conundrums, I believe we’re all responsible to do what we can, where we can and how we can. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter: when it comes to world peace, probably my ability to influence things depends mostly on prayer. Nationally, I have the privilege and the responsibility to get out and vote. No matter one’s choice of the issues, the party or the individuals running for office, we need to let our voices be heard. Locally, it’s easy to stand back and complain when decisions are made with which we don’t agree but let’s commit to getting involved where we can and offer support to leadership in more copious amounts than the criticism we offer. Often, however, the hardest part is cultivating positive relationships with those within our circle of individuals and neighbourhoods. It’s not always easy or even possible but try to live at peace with those around us.

“If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all mean. Beloved, do not avenge yourselves…” Romans 12:18,19

Love y’all!
Sept. 16, 2019