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Dedicate a song
Linda Wegner

According to a recent poll conducted in our province, many people cited 2020 as the, if not one of the, worst years of their life. In all honesty, I’d have to say the same thing if one was basing that conclusion of the effect of the pandemic. 

Good or bad, I freely admit that I’m a “people person” and I truly miss receiving and giving of hugs at church, grocery shopping minus a mask, and not having a cart between me and others. Oh yes, I also miss those daily bus rides where a good number of us chatted as we rode into town.

Having said all that, this week has also given me one of the loveliest moments of the past five or so months. Here’s my story.

After my usual morning walk, I head into town for a cup of tea and appropriate socializing at our local Tim Hortons. This particular day I’d gardened for three hours in the morning so didn’t go to town until the afternoon; in so doing, however, I happened to see the early morning announcer for our local radio station. We chatted and I told her I’d be tuning in to listen to her read the news at 6:30 AM. I did, and here’s what I heard: “Yesterday I met the beautiful Linda at Tim’s [her exact words, honest!]. She said she really likes classical music and I couldn’t find any but here’s a song dedicated to her.”

A huge grin covered my morning countenance but an even happier smile filled my heart and stayed there all day.

Who can you encourage today? What “song” can you sing to someone who may need it more than you can imagine?

“…speak [sing] encouraging words to one another.”

Sing first to Him and then to them – you won’t regret it.
Aug. 17, 2020