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A purpose in it all
By Linda Wegner

Constructed in 1944 in California and known locally as one of four Hulks, YOGN-82 formed part of a breakwater at the local Catalyst Paper plant in Powell River for a number of years. Yesterday it sank or, more accurately, was deliberately sunk. As recorded in our local Powell River Peak, "It was one of ten wartime ships purchased by the Powell River Company to serve as the pulp and paper mill's breakwater. As mill production ceased, so did the need for so many Hulks."

Although of great local interest, it was the re-purposing of the Hulk that got me thinking. Instead of merely destroying it, YOGN-82, the designation given it, will now be part of an artificial reef that will eventually become part of a unique diving destination; the ship has now been submerged at depths accessible even by novice divers. Once the three other Hulks have been sunk, a unique reef will have been formed and Powell River will have the genuine bragging rights to a dive site unlike most others in the world. Built for one purpose, it has been transformed into another. To read more about this sinking and others to follow, go to

Though there's much of interest in this story, it's the application to my life that forms the basis for this week's offering. I, and perhaps you, sometimes wrestle with God's purposes for my life: Am I of value to those around me? Now that life's circumstances have changed, how can I best serve God and others? This morning's sermon provided both encouragement and some answers: there is no challenge I can't meet when God controls my life; then, I don't have to try to be like someone else to serve Him. He made me the way He chose; even my weaknesses, when committed to Him, become strengths.
June 25, 2018