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A proverb for every need
By Linda Wegner

Our house is full of laughter, good food and great joy this week and it's given me cause to rejoice. Here's one reason: When I put my first thoughts based on the Book of Proverbs into a weekly piece, I believed that it was a "one shot deal". Over the past six months as I've shared weekly insights from this Old Testament book, I quickly realized that nothing's changed over the centuries; struggles are common, selfishness crops up in every person but wisdom teaches us how to avoid a lot of pain.

Those musings appeared in 2018 publications but my very first offering was published in either 1997 or 1998 when the editor of a brand-new, Saskatchewan rural weekly believed in me. Topics were different back then but I've never lost my enthusiasm and gratitude for the privilege of having my work appear in many more publications since then. Back then I didn't imagine the wonderful response I'd receive and I still find myself praying each week for God's direction, knowing I'll be called upon to live out the message before it appears on my computer screen.

Though not everyone who reads these columns is a published author, everyone of us has experienced the good and bad of life. Weeping and rejoicing are synonymous with living. As a wife, mother and grandmother I've known both victory and defeat but in all those times, I've known what it means to be blessed. There's nothing much better than a family that loves each other, gets along with each other, and gets together whenever possible. This has been that kind of week for us and it's it lightened my heart and formed the basis for this week's article; after all, celebrating a half century of marriage won't happen again, at least not for us.

In everything, give thanks.
July 16, 2018